What is a spiritual director?

The elevator version: A Spiritual Director practices being with someone as they explore their spiritual life, focused on an increasing awareness of God moving in their everyday circumstances.

A bit more . . .

The practice of spiritual direction has had a rich history in the church from the earliest days on, but is currently enjoying a resurgence across all denominations. A Spiritual Director knows what it means to be a Sacred Witness to another person's life story and to ask the right questions that inspire self-reflection and how to better recognize what God might be doing in their life. No one is born knowing who they are or what they are meant to do every moment of their lives. What we are meant to do is search. We must each find our way and along the way, discover who we are, what we believe, what we value, what holds meaning, what holds us back, how to love and how to love well. We are our own mystery. Every experience in life is filled with some way to learn even one more thing about ourselves, to see who we are and how we act or react to the world around us just a bit more clearly. And one of the richest ways we truly come to understand who we are and all that we are - from the darkness of our struggles to the fullness of our gifts - is through sharing our inner self with another person who serves in the trusted position of a Spiritual Director.

Sheri completed a 2-year spiritual direction program at The School of Sustainable Faith and is a member of the Arizona Spiritual Formation Society.